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Safi Label; The New Face of Sustainable Fashion

Safi Label is an online fashion outlet where you can find authentic handmade bags and accessories.

Safi Label is an online fashion outlet where you can find authentic handmade bags and accessories.
Powered by  Dzifa Anagblah, It was launched with an aim to share her rich Ghanaian culture and support the livelihood of women and artisans in low-income communities through craft-based products, storytelling, and fair trade practices.

This falls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 5,8,10 and 12 launched as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

By Subscribing to these practices Safi is trying to create a better world through fashion. It is amazing how far the brand has come. This blog will take us through her journey to Safi Label.

Safi’s amazing journey started two years ago with Dzifa Anagblah. In school she made bags and laptop covers for friends upon request. As word got out more people started buying her bags and she sold her bags with no prospect of turning it into a profession. She was focused on finishing her Degree and landing a comfortable job. As time went on, interest for her bags increased along with her love for creating new designs for people. She begun to rethink her initial white collar career choice, “What really made me question my career choice was when I got a call from an NGO asking to take my bags to South Africa for the Mandela Washington Foundation Expo”, Dzifa says. Pleasantly Surprised she gave them the bags she had at the time. The NGO sold all her bags at the Expo and she realized that she had something amazing on her hands. She decided to call her bags Bloom Bags and hired a few people to help her.

Nearing the completion of her degree She joined the Ahesi Venture Incubator (AVI) . “The brand has really evolved since I joined AVI. It has been life changing”, admits Dzifa.

Now Re-branded as Safi label Dzifa’s, products serve as an eco-friendly systems advocate. She makes her packaging out of recycled paper and has eliminated plastics from all production. She targets a market of eco-conscious customers who want to help clean up our planet.

With the onset of the global pandemic local artisans are unable to care for their families and put food on the table. Dzifa has made it her responsibility to help these artisans during such trying times. ”I believe that it is important that we stay true to our mission of supporting our artisans. In addition to providing a sustainable income, we want to ensure that our community is safe, clean, and healthy ” Dzifa told us.

You can check out Safi Label’s eco-friendly products on all their social media handles and their website at You can also get their products from their retail partners Maraaba, Afrikrea, Shop Accra and Afi Akos based in the UK.

The Safi journey is truly inspirational. We hope you’ve been inspired and would want to also join the cause to save the planet by purchasing ecofriendly products.