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How to Market a successful business in Ghana

If it was ever brought up for debate, I’m quite confident, majority would be for the motion that the steady rise of small and medium-sized business ownership in the country can be pinned directly to the current rate of unemployment in the country. Ghanaians, especially the youth have woken up to the glaring reality of the job deficiency in the employment market. And so, to heed to the words of Lade in her current banger, Adulthood Anthem “…you gots to hustle; make a living 24/7…” many of these youths have resorted to owning their own businesses. Sadly though, a number of the businesses reach liquidation after a period of time. Some reasons, including bad planning, inadequate/poor publicity, and poor target setting, among others could be credited for this misfortune. To help your business flourish, you need to how to market it.

The success of any type of business venture has organizing and planning at its forefront. So the first thing you want to do is get organized. Getting organized here means that you need to know your business. Don’t let yourself get lost in the confidence that because you came up with the idea, you know already know the business. Assuming that Ama chooses to start a laundry and has scored an interview with a big potential client. During the interview, she is asked a simple question; “What do you use as softener for bedsheets?” Since she never uses them in her own personal laundry, and did not do further research beyond what she already knows, it stands to reason she won’t know how to answer the question. Because of this, Ama could stand the chance of losing her big client. Even when you think that you have finished drawing out your business plan, it helps to still do some research about your business. Chances are that you might be missing a few touches to your business that could make it stand out. What’s more, your competition could be privy to this information, and this puts your business in a more precarious position. In organizing your business also, remember to set a business goal. Knowing what goals you want to achieve will inform whom to market your business to.

Your business will not solve everybody’s problem. So, it helps to identify a select population, target audience that really needs your commodity or service, once you have mapped out a business plan. Identifying a target audience will save you the frustration of marketing to the wrong people and the risk of no returns on investment. This is important because though you might have a winning business plan, it might all be for nothing if you cannot identify your customers’ need and show them that you can solve it.

Market research will expose you to current marketing trends. If your choice of business is in sales, you will get to know which products are in high demand, products that just had a new variant released, what the customers are buying, and the prices of the items. You will also get insights on what channels of marketing/advertising will favour your business best.

Next step, find an appropriate channel to market your products. Simply put, a marketing channel is the means through which products reach the customer from the producer. The channel of marketing depends heavily on the type of business. For instance, choosing Instagram as a marketing channel for a garri producing company might not be such a wonderful idea. First of all, as a producer of such commodity, the target audience you want for your product is definitely not the consumer who buys in bits, but the retailer and/or wholesaler who buys in bulk and sells in bits. Secondly, the wholesalers and consumers who are the target audience are not known to use this channel when looking for products to buy. This here is why it is important to know your business, your target audience, the market habits, and the appropriate marketing channels. To market a successful business in Ghana, it is highly recommended to combine a number of channels. Different sources have their divergent thoughts on how many marketing channels there are. Notwithstanding, the most important thing to remember is that as long as it can get your product/service to reach its final consumer, you have found a marketing channel. Some marketing channels available to a Ghanaian business owner are their own personal network, email marketing, social media, and SMS marketing. With each of these channels, it is important to set a new set of marketing goals that you would like to achieve.

The next thing to do once you’ve fulfilled the above is to start marketing! Get your friends and family to spread word of your new business to their friends and families as well. If you wish to use social media also, don’t forget to create strategies to help guide your postings. Do some research for content that could promote engagement for your business account, as well as retain followers.

Finally, BE PATIENT. Remind yourself from time to time of the adage that “Rome was not built in a day.” So if sales are slow in the first few months, take a spoonful of patience, revisit your business marketing plan/strategy and go at it again!