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Content Ideas That Will Double The Engagement On Your Food Blog

Content Ideas That Will Double The Engagement On Your Food Blog

If there’s one fact that is to be known in the world of blogging, it is that food, as a choice of topic will never go out of style. Well, unless evolutionary theory was true, and in some weird, fantastical way, humans evolved to a point where we would not need to eat food to survive anymore. As long as that’s not happening and we are all still sometimes overspending on our favorite yummy guilty pleasures, food will always bring readers to your blog. The timelessness of food makes it so desirable as a topic that there are numerous bloggers on the topic. So, how do you make your food blog stand out from the rest? Here are a few ideas that will turn visitors into residents of your blog.

Make your version of popular meals or snacks and blog about them

One thing that would definitely get people back to your blog is when you open their minds to alternative recipes they can add to spice up their everyday meals, which they may find boring sometimes. For many Ghanaian University students, for instance, rice is a staple food. Of course, in the first month of the semester, they might still have some cash from home to indulge themselves in some exotic food choices but when the money starts to dwindle, rice becomes the all-saving resort. So, if you could come up with a recipe that could make something like plain boiled white rice with shitor more exciting or highly indulging even, you’ll definitely have them coming back for some more interesting ideas.

Blog about restaurants

Another type of content that will get engagement going on your blog is restaurants! If you have been to any luxurious restaurant with breathtaking interiors and impressive appetite whetters on their menu, you should blog about them. Take pictures and videos of these places when you go and share them. Also look out for restaurants that offer niche menus, culture-specific menus, and other kinds of retail food-related places: smoothie bars, cafés, vegan restaurants, organic ingredient stores, and so on.

Try out foreign recipes and share your results

This is an opportunity to get your audience to experience and try out many diverse cultural foods right from their homes. So get to researching foods that are foreign to you and your audiences. You could even create an entire series for your blog from this, where there’s a new recipe from a different culture in every article. Make sure to come back in a few months and share your testimonies in the comments!

Share ideas for food preservation and packaging

Aside from refrigerating, many people don’t know other preservation methods. It does not even occur to some that different types of food may require different methods of preservation. Some also have food-preserving ingredients sitting idly and unused on their kitchen shelves, without no knowledge that they have another very important use. This topic will get audiences of diverse demographics frequenting your blog: households, restaurateurs, students, and the list goes on.

Share content on how to prepare some cooking ingredients

Buying food every day is expensive. And for everyone else who is not a culinary enthusiast/expert, this is the primary reason why we cook our own meals. But even certain ingredients and other instantly usable/consumable ingredients are becoming more expensive. So step up and play savior, conduct some research on how to produce stuff like vegetable oil, palm oil, garri, chili powder, and chocolate powder, and blog about them.

With food, the possibilities for growing your blog with amazing content ideas are endless. But these ones mentioned here will be sure to do great for you! Happy food blogging and speedy growth!