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Case Study

& Groom

Book & Groom is an online service platform developed to help beauticians offer their services and for patrons to find beauty services all around Accra. Services can be rendered after a client’s booked via the mobile app. It also has sign up options for professionals and potential clients.

Brand redesign for BnG

As part of our scope of deliverables for Book & Groom, we did a rebranding of their logo design alongside design concepts for souvenirs. The goal for this rebranding was to create a look that is more original, hence, easily be associable with the Book & Groom brand name. We also wanted to create a look that combines luxury, aesthetic appeal, and simplicity. To achieve all of this, we chose a modern luxe theme to guide all our design processes for the brand.

Logo Redesign

The redesigning of Book & Groom’s logo draws primarily from the branding concept we worked up for them. The logo design combines text (the brand name) with shapes to fully capture the brand’s essence. For the text, we chose to use the Champagne and Limousines font style to keep it simple, yet classy and easily illegible. This was then combined with a circle and kite shapes. The circle’s roundness or curviness is a representation of femininity. This choice was to appeal to Book & Groom’s primary target audience (women). The circle is also used in the logo design to enforce the idea of an organized structure and an efficient system in relation to the mobile app. The kite shape is usually used to symbolise freedom and we incorporated it into the logo design to help Book & Groom’s target audience feel empowered by the freedom to: conduct business on their own terms (merchants), and (for customers/users) to have the opportunity of selecting whose service to accept.


For Swift Homes typography, we chose the cocogoose as the main typefaces for titles, subtitles, and body texts. This font style is playful, yet elegant and matches Swift Homes’ overall branding concept.


The brand colors are mustard yellow, white, blue black and dark grey. Collectively, these colors represent elegance, visibility, and freshness. Aside from their significance, the brighter colors are also visually attractive as they have the quality of catching one’s attention.

Social Media

In creating a social media presence for Swift Homes, we chose to position the company on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. This decision came about from studies across various social media channels and how well each of them and their features could help us serve our clients. Based on the company’s target audience and business goals we found that each of these channels could help us in the following ways: We launched a social media campaign for Book and Groom to help them increase their online following and engagement with customers. The goal for this campaign was to increase their following as well as engagement, and also drive downloads for the app. To achieve this, we created  a social media strategy to emulate the steps in a traditional sales funnel. The mapping of the social media strategy in this fashion helped us to make sure that the target audience is motivated enough to download the app and register by the fourth week.

Follow Book & Groom on Instagram

Instagram offers the option of reaching a demographic that constitutes a great portion of Swift Homes’ target audience: younger adult audiences between 25-45 years old. From further studies of real estate trends on instagram, we came to learn about content types that audiences engage very well with and now incorporate them into our content schedules. Moreover, studying real estate trends on instagram also provided some insight on how often to post, and prime posting times. With this, we have managed to garner up to 900 followers within 8 months of starting an instagram account for the Swift Homes.

The main reason that informed our choice for linkedin as another social media channel for Swift Homes is its status as a platform for professionals. LinkedIn is a social media community that houses professionals from all many different walks of life. Setting up the company on this platform enables us to connect with other professionals, as well as establishing the brand as a trusted, leading source for real estate information.


Book & Groom's website outlook takes extensively on the brand’s modern-luxe imaging. The blend of colors are incorporated to create aesthetic appeal and also set Book & Groom as a luxury brand in the minds of site visitors.Our target goal for creating this website was to rack up downloads for the Book & Groom mobile app. Direct links are incorporated on the website to help visitors easily and quickly locate and download the app. The journey for Book & Groom’s website visitors has been mapped in such a way that they are never far from an “app download” option/button.